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Bruce Lipton

If you are looking for a way to deprogram your subconscious
And upgrade your life, you’ve come to the right place!

I AM so honored and grateful for Dr. Bruce Lipton’s endorsement.
And I’m so glad he has brought YOU here.

I’m Suzanna Kennedy, the HOW TO Transform Gracefully Expert

I’ve developed guided step-by-step programs for the
True New YOU Journey to Wholeness

How It Works: The Science of Healing


Dr. William Braud, one of the pioneers of mind-body healing research, conducted hundreds of experiments at the San Antonio Mind Science Research Center. Dr. Braud discovered that all successful mind-body healing methods include:

  1. Relaxation
  2. Visualization
  3. Intention
  4. High Frequency Energy

Our unique Consciousness 2.0 Technology used in the all my programs incorporates all four of these essential components in a unique way, guiding you step-by-step, in a guided meditation format. It’s an is easy and automatic process anyone can use. Just listen to a guided meditation once a week. It works even if you have no prior success with meditation.

You could be a completely different person when you finish. You may even wonder how you got this far in life with your old programming running the show.

Getting Started

Step 1: Emotional-Mental Detox

em_detox_product_colour-300x240The Emotional-Mental Detox™ is a 6 session, step-by-step program gives you a deep detox of subconscious programming, limiting beliefs and painful repressed emotions.

Do It Yourself Home-Study Kit

Step 2: Divine Human Upgrades

Divine Human Upgrade KitDivine Human Upgrade™ Program is a 12-session, step-by-step, guided program which literally overrides these old constrictive beliefs and feelings about who you are (were) and  allows you to embody your human divinity and express your soul purpose. It activates your Divine DNA and raises your vibration and consciousness so you can create your version of Paradise on Earth.

Do It Yourself Home-Study Kit

 Special Offer for Dr. Bruce Lipton’s Fans

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I am feeling much more connected to myself and others. The beauty that is emerging is amazing!
This adventure of self discovery and connection to source is much more than I ever imagined. I am divine peace. I am divine wisdom. I am divine love.


A pillar of light… the words fill my being with a surge of power and compassion for all. I weep tears of joy and gratitude for the new depth of meaning and energy that is transforming my every moment.

Debra Lewis
Phoenix, AZ

The Upgrades helped me feel more content with every aspect of my life, emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually.  I no longer feel stressed out about the future and I’ve stopped dwelling on all the negativity of my past experiences.  I now live each moment of every day peacefully, knowing I am always safe, loved, protected and rich with abundance.”

Jody Howard
Houston, Texas

“Before the upgrades I would try to prove my self worth by taking care of people. I was a people-pleaser.  I would be careful not to offend anyone, so that everyone would like me.  All of this was at my own expense, putting myself last, everyone else before me. Well, not any more.  Since these upgrades, my relationship with MYSELF has blossomed.  It’s not that I’ve stopped caring about others.  Quite the contrary! I find that the more loving and nurturing I am to myself, the more others benefit.  Taking care of myself first is a MAJOR KEY to my growth.”

Sandra Baillie
Panama City, Panama

More Testimonials

Meet Suzanna

Biofeedback Demonstration

Here is a video showing how the energy field (aura) responds to the Triple Flame Energy Field Detox and the aura cleansing in action.

See It For Yourself

Triple Flame Energy Field Detox

This guided meditation featured in the video above is the ultimate aura cleansing. The guided meditation leads you to clear your energy field (aura) and raise your vibration. Using the high-frequency Triple Flame of Pure Love, Pure Wisdom and Pure Power you will clear your major and minor energy centers (chakras) and the meridian pathways that run throughout the body.  When your energy meridian pathways are clear, your life force energy can effectively nourish your body and restore it to health and balance.