Create With Me

I know you — because I’ve been you.

  • You are a dynamic and accomplished woman who is awakening to the call of your soul’s purpose.
  • I know you want to make a profound impact on the world and in your own life, but you feel under-supported, alone and unappreciated.
  • You are battle weary after years of struggle, trying to fit into a system that feels more like a war zone than a workplace.
  • At home you are unable to express your true feelings.

To allow your soul’s song to ring out in the world, you need an ally on the path.

Through my step-by-step, profoundly healing and rejuvenating Creatrix Empowerment Systemtm, you will obtain the tools you need to forge your own path … gracefully.

With my guidance, you will …

  • stop being triggered by negative influences in your life and work. You will be more in control of your thoughts, behaviors and emotions.
  • release your fears and have unshakable confidence in yourself
  • possess the tools and the creative power to initiate sacred service that is authentic to your soul’s purpose.
  • free yourself from the golden handcuffs that bind you to an uninspiring “job” where you have no options for advancement or fulfillment.
  • have access to a steady stream of financial abundance that will allow you the time to enjoy your freedom.
  • wake up in the mornings feeling fully embodied, sensual, at peace and joyful.
  • reinvent yourself and step into a higher standard of living. Because you’re done settling for less.
  • know unstoppable, unbridled passion for life.
  • find that inner peace, balance and rootedness will be your “normal” for a change.
  • fulfill your soul’s purpose with ease and grace

My beloved and sought-after Creatrix Empowerment Systemtm is designed for people just like you, who are ready to access their own Creatrix superpowers, fast-track their spiritual development, create their version of Paradise on Earth AND live a divine lifestyle of authenticity, passion and soul-fulfilling joy.

Let’s Get Started

There are 2 ways we can collaborate for your success through the Creatrix Empowerment System. I prefer to work one-on-one with my clients to really help them get FASTER and DEEPER results.

Option 1: In Person, in Paradise

Private Retreat

The fastest way to transform, embody and integrate is to activate your soul evolution personally with me here in Kauai, Hawaii. Here you can immerse yourself in the energies and anchor them into your cells. We have anchored an Ascension Portal here on the property. The portal creates a temple-like space where the “energetic noise” and influence of the rest of the world cannot enter. It is a pure space that will raise your frequency and propel your soul evolution as high as you are safely able to integrate.

I don’t know of any other places where you can actually sleep in an Ascension Portal. Some Ascension Portals throughout the world are in very remote, inaccessible places. You cannot sleep and spend quality time in the well-known sacred sites. Here, you have a beautiful, comfortable private room with all the comforts of home.

Plus you get to spend quality time with me and my Sacred Union Partner, Casey. We will support you through your next step in the Creatrix Empowerment System. You can also receive and align with the codes for Sacred Union Relationship that Casey and I radiate.

If you’d prefer a group experience… Twice per year, we offer a women’s gathering focused on Feminine Empowerment.

Ultimate Creatrix Empowerment Getaway
Group 7-Day Retreat

Many women in leadership roles are too busy to make meaningful connections with soul sisters. And we need each other! When women get together, magic happens. Even though we may have never met before in this lifetime, you will find yourself recognizing each other at the soul level. That’s one of the benefits of soul evolution. When you detox what’s “not you” your radiant soul signal will be able to broadcast without filter or distortion. Guess what that means? You will attract your soulmate and soul family – those beings that are here to support you and your soul purpose. Soul sisters find each other here on Kauai – the most feminine place on Earth.

Option 2 – Master Mind Group

Move through the entire Creatrix Empowerment System or a portion of it with others who are on the same path. You will receive all the upgrades and resource materials from our on-line membership site. You can move through the program at your own pace and will receive 1-on-1 coaching every week in a group mastermind format via the phone, webcast or Skype.

Not only will you get my focused attention, support, guidance and coaching for your own issues, you will learn from others too. It’s amazing how listening to what others are experiencing gives you new perspectives and insights that you can apply to your own life, business and relationships. All the calls are recorded.

You will also be given access to a Private, Secret Facebook group where you can connect with me and other Master Mind members in the group on a daily basis. This is in addition to the weekly Master Mind call!

Ready, Set, Go

Did you know that one of the most prominent characteristics of successful people is that they take action? They take educated risks, are decisive, take action, and they move forward towards success faster as a direct result of this. It’s a well-known fact these people make decisions based on their gut instinct. That being said, since this feels right to you — let’s go for it!

Here’s what you do. If you haven’t done so already, just click here to schedule a complimentary 30-minute Breakthrough Strategy Call.  I’ll answer all your questions and we will map out the best way to break through your major challenges and get you the results you want in the easiest, quickest and most graceful way possible.

I can’t wait to meet you in person or on the phone to get you started on your path to Empower Your Inner Creatrix. And I am honored to be the one to co-create your Paradise on Earth.

Blessings for a graceful transformation,