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Everything is Energy

Everything is energy. All creation, anything in form, is a combination of raw, creative energy and the instruction codes that tell that energy how to take shape.  In your human body, your instruction codes are in your DNA. Every mineral, plant, animal and object that man has created has organizing codes (consciousness)  that informs the energy how to express itself.

What Are Paradise Codes?

Paradise Codes are the instruction codes for Earth in her original 5th dimensional, Paradise form; also known as New Earth, Heaven on Earth and other names.  The Paradise Codes not only restore the original codes, predating the Fall of the Earth into a 3rd dimensional structure. They are recently upgraded and updated to reflect the heart-based, unity-conscious co-creation of humanity’s current and future inhabitants.

Because the Paradise Codes are of such high frequency and include the Unity Frequency, they magnetically erase anything of lower frequency that has been stored in the Earth Consciousness Grid.  All of the pain and suffering that humans and other species have experienced seeps into the grid and is stored there until it is released.

Suzanna Kennedy, because of her soul-level work on the Paradise Council, has the ability to download the Paradise Codes through her body and into the Earth. She has been asked by the Paradise Council to download the Paradise Codes into the power spots and sacred sites throughout the world.

What Are Power Spots?

Power spots are located at the intersection of ley lines on the Earth’s electro-magnetic grid. The energy at these intersections forms a spiral movement, forming a vortex. Some vortices spiral into the Earth, some spiral out. These powers spots exchange energy between the Earth and the cosmos. The concentration of energy in these places is greater than others. And when the Paradise Codes are downloaded into these places, they radiate out further, benefitting the surrounding region.

In many cases, those with occult knowledge and a manipulative agenda have intentionally downloaded instructions into power spots. Many churches, banks, corporate headquarters and government buildings have been built over power spots for this purpose. As the strong Earth energy radiates from these power spots, the chosen agenda has been empowered. The Paradise Codes can replace the old agendas. The cycle of separation is now complete and a new cycle of love and unity begins.

Individuals and groups can contract Suzanna to download the Paradise Codes into the power spots in their region. She can do this remotely or in person.  She can even co-create a special event to teach and celebrate the Paradise Code upgrade.  Contact Suzanna for more information.

What Are Sacred Sites

All Sacred Sites are power spots that have been recognized by humanity and made sacred because of special phenomenon that is experienced here.  Throughout time, people have made pilgrimages to these places to pray, meditate, receive healing, clarity, wisdom, initiations, activations, celebrate and make ceremony.

Downloading the Paradise Codes into a Sacred Sites purifies and restores full integrity to the spot, ensuring that its gifts are fully realized.  Many Sacred Sites are calling for the Paradise Codes as one of the steps to prepare it for fulfilling it’s role as the Earth transitions into Paradise.

Individuals and groups can contract Suzanna to download the Paradise Codes into the Sacred Sites that you are intuitively being called to serve.  She can do this remotely or in person.  She can even co-create a special event to teach and celebrate the Paradise Code Upgrade. Contact Suzanna for more information.

How Can Paradise Codes Upgrade Private Property?

Homeowners, tenants, farmers and business owners have discovered the benefits of the Paradise Codes and have been asking Suzanna to transmit them to eliminate geopathic stress (sick energy) and upgrade their property.

What is Geopathic Stress?

Geo’ means ‘of the Earth’. ‘Pathic’ means leading to pathological change, illness or disease.  Geopathic stress describes changes in the natural geomagnetic field of the earth caused by fault lines, mineral deposits and underground water flows.

Symptoms of Geopatic Stress

  • Chronic mental, emotional, physical illness
  • gsbkhouse1Suppressed immunity to disease, virus, fungus, insects
  • Dead zones where nothing thrives
  • Chronic drama or accidents
  • General feelings of dense, stuck energy
  • General feelings of discomfort and anxiety

Sources of geopathic stress are varied – quarries, mining, buildings, road construction, landfill sites and electromagnetic grids from electricity, radio and cell phone towers. Historic battles, violence, disease, arguments,  accidents, domestic dispute, foreclosure.  Whenever humans dishonor the land, nature spirits or ancestors, they can leave energetic imprints that will last forever unless they are cleared.

These negative imprints distort the natural flow and balance of life force energy in an environment. Humans, plants animals are vulnerable to this disturbed energy and can experience physical, emotional and mental health problems.

Solution – Restore Balance and Energy Flow

The solution is to restore order and balance to the natural energy flow by downloading the Paradise Codes.

Clients who have hired Suzanna to download the Paradise Codes onto their property have reported profound changes such as restoration of peace and harmony, grace and ease, lifting of chronic depression and healing of illness, sale of home at full asking price, restoration of fruit production on working farm, business improved, employees morale and collaboration increased.

Benefits of Paradise Codes on Private Property

  • paradisecodesIncrease in energy and vitality
  • Better quality of sleep
  • Less colds and illnesses
  • Strengthened immune system
  • Improved communications
  • Stronger, healthier plants
  • Fewer insects on the property
  • More birds and butterflies
  • Healthier more peaceful animals
  • Better relationships
  • Improved creativity
  • Increased financial flow
  • A feeling of ease, well-being and peace

Paradise Code Testimonials

"After all these years, I finally found my dream home. The only problem was, I was renting and the owner didn’t want to sell it to me. Suzanna Kennedy downloaded the Paradise Codes and I immediately felt the upgrade in energy. There was more peace, harmony and a new quality that I could definitely feel, but couldn’t put into words. I felt a greater connection to the Nature Spirits and could feel their joy and excitement in receiving the codes. Now, the owner has changed his mind and agreed to sell me the property! I believe because of the change in frequency, he no longer feels resonate or attached to the house. Thank you, Paradise Codes. I am honored to become the good steward of this land."

− Jennifer McLean, CEO McLean Masterworks

"My beautiful apartment complex was having it's share of issues; especially on my floor. There were multiple deaths; people falling and jumping out of windows. Instinctively I knew there was an energetic imbalance. When Suzanna downloaded the Paradise Codes here, the energy shifted right away. And has continued with a gradual series of positive changes. The managements has been making upgrades to the amenities and apartments. Things have shifted for me personally too. Situations that were not working were purged and new positive relationships are coming in. I highly recommend the Paradise Codes for anyone wanting to impact positive change for their property and their personal lives."

− Lexi Brennan, Marina Del Rey, CA

"I asked Suzanna to bring the Paradise Codes to two family properties. The first was the house that I grew up in. It had been empty for several years; abandoned by my family. The energy felt dense and lifeless, inhabited by pests and the surrounding plant life reflected the neglect and much of it was dying. After the Paradise Codes, the energy in and around the house felt renewed, light, fresh and alive. My siblings and I suddenly felt inspired to clean things up and restore it. The landscaping began to flourish."

− Karen Duker, Park City, UT

"The second property to receive the Paradise Codes is a 33 acre avocado and lemon orchard. After the wild fires in 2007 the property, and my brother who lived there, seemed to be suffering from PTSD. The plants were not producing, my brother was clinically depressed and his son was failing in school. When Suzanna and I stepped on to the property, we could feel intense depression. The Paradise Codes restored vitality to the property and my brother came out of his depression. His son started doing better in school and also began helping around the house. We fired the unreliable management company and prayed for dependable help. Our prayers were answered quickly. Now the land is producing beautiful lemons and avocados. And I can feel the happiness of the nature spirits and peace and harmony in the environment."

− Karen Duker, Park City, UT

"I want to say thank you so much for the Paradise Codes. I definitely feel them and am aware of an exquisite sense of blessedness, joy and harmony in our home, property and surrounding space. I am also aware of how deeply happy and delighted the Nature and Earth Energies are about these Codes. They are relieved and jubilant about this restoration and grounding of true harmony, freedom and joy. As are we. It is a renewal and liberation for all. It is a profound and loving gift on all levels. Thank you, thank you. thank you Suzanna! We are all eternally grateful."

− D.B. Ashland, OR

Paradise Codes and You

Suzanna can deliver the Paradise Codes in person or remotely. Contact her to bring the Paradise Codes to your home or business. Invite Suzanna and the Paradise Council to your next conference, retreat or power spot journey.

The value of the Paradise Codes is immeasurably infinite.  Yet a down-to-Earth balanced financial energy exchange is required to acknowledge and express gratitude for Suzanna’s unique gift to download these codes.

Price will be determined on a case-by-case basis, under the guidance of  the Paradise Council. Payment plans are available.

Schedule a free 15-minute appointment with Suzanna to find out how the Paradise Codes can serve you.

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