Awakening Women

Maybe you’ve heard my story of spontaneous Quantum Awakening. In February, 1997, I woke up with a strong current of energy running up my spine. It lasted for an hour and a half. A new Inner Voice said, “You are giving birth to your Self. Just breathe.” When energy subsided, I was awakened and transformed.

gildedcageWhat was your Awakening like? You may have had a similar experience OR maybe your Awakening was a bit more subtle. Maybe it happened a little at a time. Maybe it happened momentarily and you’ve been trying to get back to that state of BEING ever since.

What are we awakening to? We are waking up from the dream that we are small, limited, insignificant beings. We are waking up from the lie that woman are somehow weak and unworthy. We are waking up from the illusion that the structures of society that we believed would keep us safe, healthy and happy have been actually keeping us enslaved. We are waking up to the fact that the reality we once knew is crumbling.

We are waking up to the realization that we have been programmed to behave like men. We follow male models of success in business. And many of us even wear the pants in the family.

Awakening Can Be Painful

This awakening can be painful. The term awakening sounds nice. It should come with a sense of freedom. But more often, we awaken to find out we are in an invisible prison, a gilded birdcage or golden handcuffs — of our own making.

Some try to break out by changing relationships, jobs and locations.

After my awakening, I could actually feel my new life, my personal Paradise. It was vastly different than the life I was living. I could feel myself living on a tropical island instead of a suburb of Detroit. I could feel a new love – a Sacred Union partner. I could feel myself making a big contribution to the world and feeling an incredible sense of soul-nourishing satisfaction.

But I had no idea how to get from here to there. I wanted to run away and start my new life right away.

Wisdom, Guidance and Support

Luckily, I had a wise mentor. She said, “Suzanna, every one of those changes is a major life event.” If you make them all at once, you will pull the rug out from under yourself and be left with no ground to stand on. Make one change at a time.”

I followed her advice. I started with separating from my husband because I found out that my soul contract with him was complete. It was then I set the intent to have a graceful transformation. I was fortunate. The Inner Voice that arrived during my awakening event, stayed with me. It guided me to do one thing every day that took me in the direction of my personal Paradise. Within a year, I was gracefully deposited into my new life.

It was later that I realized that facilitating Graceful Transformation, for women and for the planet, is my soul purpose.

Your Hidden Feminine Super Power

Ready to activate your secret Divine Feminine super-power? Ready to free your Inner Creatress to create your personal Paradise?

I invite you to begin your journey into Sacred Union with your Inner Creatress. And I want you to know that there are a growing number of us consciously co-creating Paradise on Earth. We call you to join us.

On this journey, the road is one of courage. You will let go of the fear-based belief matrix that you’ve shared with mass consciousness for so long. It isn’t easy to have faith in the new love-based reality. Especially when there are so few people who have embodied it. It takes courage and a strong will to focus on what you want to create instead of allowing your attention to be grabbed by the abundant and insistent illusions of fear, lack and separation.

If I can do it, so can you. My gift to you is that I forged a new road. I wandered around, up blind alleys, into dead ends, in circles and out again, until I found it. Then I went back and marked the straightest path. I paved the way. For you it will be much easier, faster, more conscious and graceful than it was for me. Allow me to be your navigator. You are in the driver’s seat. Together we can arrive, just in time, back home, to the Creatrix that is YOU.

My next post will illuminate the 7 Mistakes Awakening Warrior Women Make And How to Avoid Them.

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  • Suzanna – Your work is totally unique and I feel so blessed to have found the gentle path that led me to you. I am working the old Consciousness 2.0 program from years back (I just wasn’t ready at that time to make the transition, but Woman, am I ever ready now!!). I also attended your rainmaker call this week and what an experience. You’re amazing, and I feel lucky to be working in your vibrations, through the recorded program for right now. And perhaps more closely as time goes on (once I’ve gotten my own divine biz off the ground and can afford you!!). Love and infinite blessings to you, Suzanna!! Xoxo, Missy

  • Lucy Dotte says:

    First, I want to thank you in advance for your on-going support. When I initially listened to your presentation on Your Life Without Limits, I drawn into what you you had to say immediately. I wasn’t sure I need to purchase another program “special offer”, however I was motivated by something to purchase your materials. I am looking forward to experiencing what you present.
    This past April I vacationed in Kauai (the only time I put something on my bucket list was to go to Hawaii) and I understand your reference to “Paradise”. Having been there…I get it.
    Your message on awakening was beautiful to read. My awakening truly moved forward by leaps when my husband of 34 years asked for a divorce. I did a great deal of reflecting and changing as a result of it. It freed me to lead the life a have now. A wonderful, joyous life. Blessings to you. Lucy

  • kerry says:

    Dear Suzanna, Barbara Price introduced me to your website. It is awesome. Giving humanity a chance to get out of the fear matrix. I hope to be working with you in the future if its meant to be.❤ kerry

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