Chicken With It’s Head Cut Off

By Suzanna Kennedy

Polarity Integration Game Is Over

chicken31The Polarity Integration Game is over!!! The key to winning is compassion. So in this game, when it is over and complete – we are all winners — there are no losers. Because we realize it was all a game and at different times each of us has played the villain and the hero, the victim and the perpetrator, the master and the slave. We have all explored all the roles in this game, and we are now feeling complete. We can let go of the polarity. No longer do we need to experience fear to know love or pain to know joy. We can choose joy in every moment if we want to.

Chicken With It’s Head Cut Off

So the game is over, but not all parts of us know it yet. Its like a chicken with its head cut off. Think of that image for a moment; meditate on it. For it will give you a clue as to what is going to be showing up in this world for the next couple of weeks and months.

A chicken with its head cut off. The chicken in this case is polarity. We know its going to die, but it keeps running around as if it is still alive. If we keep an eye on it, we can avoid getting stepped on.  We can just step aside and let it pass. Why does it keep running around – cell memory. Every cell contains a historical library. Watch where it goes, it will return to all of its old stomping grounds. It will try all of its old tricks one more time before it lies down for good.

Great metaphor, Suzanna, but what are you talking about? In this world of polarity, we’ve had the light and the dark. Of course, within each of us there is light and dark also. Light is love and darkness is fear.  The dark has been expressing itself as those few men that have been exerting their power through government, finance, education and mass media.

Scandalous Disclosures

Compassion has been flooding the Earth in the past few months.  It has been prayed for, delivered and anchored through many light workers all over the planet.  It has shifted the consciousness of the planet to a vibration higher than polarity.  So those playing the role of the bad guys (this time) will surrender to it. And they will allow all the cover-ups to be uncovered. They will allow their lies and manipulations to come into the light. It is only in the light of day that they can be healed. And now they are ready, so they will allow it. It is their Higher Self that will allow it.  Their ego self might not agree, so you will see some serious kicking and screaming.

What does that mean for us? As we watch all of the disclosures, it will be quite ugly. There will be rage and resentment within the people. There will be disbelief and disillusionment. Some will feel discouraged and hopeless. For some, it will feel like the rug of their whole belief system is being torn out from under them. But remember the chicken is running around with its head cut off and this is only temporary. As soon as it runs out of blood, it will lie down and not be heard from again. This is what we’ve been waiting for. This is why we all wanted to be here on Earth at this time.

Compassion Is the Key

What do we do in the meantime? How can we get through this stage most gracefully? Remember the key is compassion. As we look at the atrocities as they are revealed, we need to have compassion for those who appear to have wronged us. Why? Because they are mirrors for us. Yes, they have exaggerated our dark side profusely, but this was necessary for us to see it and recognize it. Otherwise, it would go on forever, easy to deny and overlook. If you see manipulation, look within to see if there is anywhere in your life you use manipulation. If you see lies, look at where you are not telling the truth to yourself or others.  If you see greed, recognize it as a fear of lack and look within for your own fear of lack, fear of survival.

Bring the ray of compassion into yourself, fill yourself with it, to overflowing and then send it to the “bad guys”.  And then begin coming into integrity with yourself.


False Evidence Appearing Real. Don’t buy into the fear.  There will be massive fear-based propaganda unleashed.  This has already begun.  I repeat, don’t buy into it.  Instead, go into your imagination and call upon the most wonderful world your imagination can create.  Anchor it in your heart with joy and gratitude and then into the Earth.  Become a conscious creator of Paradise on Earth.


  • Jeff says:

    COOL!!! Going with that.

  • Ophélie says:

    Thanks for the chicken analogy, it is brilliant and can help people understand what is going on earth. I might “steal” the idea. Our 3D self is dead like the chicken 😉 and not having a head is an invitation to integrate our higher self and be connected to our other centers. It is so obvious we are being invited to function at an other level, things we used to do do not function anymore…. we are so invited to develop our higher perceptions and be in the present moment… and yep chicken, 😉 and all animals and plants are in this being state and such an inspiration.
    Sending love <3

  • Alberto says:

    Yes! Compasión for US and everyone. Let it spread like wild fire!

  • sharon says:

    I can only say WOW! I AM WITH YOU! THANK YOU.

  • Annie says:

    I agree Jeff! It’s a great analogy… Thanks Suzanna, I’m anchoring that Paradise on Earth!

  • sarah maya says:

    I am in the vortex of bliss!


  • narelle furuvik says:

    Yes! I was not observing, and was trampled by this beloved Headless Chook two days ago; it managed to stomp it’s way into my thoughts for a while….but now. thankfully, it has moved on! ..Dear Chook; I can only feel compassion for it. I will refer to this feeling of compassion for beloved ‘chook’ if I feel any judgements coming up over atrocities around us.xxNarelle

  • Thank you and yes, I believe we must observe those situations neutrally or we’re buying into that negative frequency (thereby attracting it), knowing instead that fear and doubt are the dis-ease and what we’re seeing unfolding like a major detoxing–karma being burned off or whatever! I am reminding myself constantly to not be affected by it and shift to a reality where that energy doesn’t exist. I give life to a harmonized reality filled with loving friends, peace, beauty, thriving nature, permaculture, bio-dynamics, free energy, and clean air and water. “I am enchanted by my life experience and the creative expression of Source in every thing and everyone I see.”

  • Suzanne, yes?, great into retraction of the times. I could see last night that when this act of the government losing its head that the real Wizards if Oz will show themselves so that the Ship won’t sink but can be salvaged and put upon a new Course. Kinda like yours but then we Know Who had set the Final Plans, Creatior of All, so the Class of the Centuries will Graduate.

  • Miki says:

    Fabulous metaphor…..I will send this out to a few dear friends who are experiencing these effects profoundly, hoping they will find both comfort and compassion after reading it. Thank you for the reminder!

  • So good to hear! Let’s do it!!

  • Shelley says:

    Thanks Suzanna ~ lovely to hear from you and the one heart! Blessings of compassion to all!

  • Sandy says:

    Thank you Suzanna for the brilliant analogy and gentle wisdom and reminder that the more we view what is unfolding with compassion and love rather than fear & judgment, the sooner we will remember that this is what we signed up for and be more able to be a calming influence on everyone around us. May we all be blessed.

  • What a great relief – it is over. Let’s celebrate and live and breathe it! Thank you for making us aware Suzanna!

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