Coaching Certification

We need more coaches for the Emotional-Mental Detox Program. If you are a certified and experienced coach or counselor, consider getting certified as an EMDetox Integration Coach for this amazing consciousness technology.

We will not be training on general coaching skills. We will be training on how to help your clients integrate the changes that the detox and upgrades initiate in their lives. The training is very specific to this transformative technology.

Even though the changes are always moving clients toward their true essence, any change can be stressful when it is not understood or supported.

The Coaches job is to keep clients on track, moving through the program and helping them to understand how the consciousness technology is upgrading their perceptions and life.

Certification Requirements

  1. Experience the program yourself as a participant
  2. Apply for training/certification
  3. Receive training, which will be delivered via internet using Webinar and Video
  4. Complete Practicum, which includes Suzanna coaching the coaches
  5. Complete evaluation
  6. Receive certification

Contact Suzanna to apply when you have completed your detox or upgrades.  Feel free to call or email with questions.