Conscious Evolution

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Conscious Evolution

Question mark made of puzzle piecesAre you still looking for answers about how to transform your life? Are you wondering what’s happening on the planet, or with your health, your money, and your relationships? Are you ready to evolve to a new level of consciousness?

If your answer is yes, yes and yes, then I invite you to join me on the Energized Living Today my friend, Cindy Kubica and 26 other Transformational Leaders.

I AM honored to be a part of this extraordinary event of “Conscious Evolution” with transformational leaders PANACHE DASAI, MARK VICTOR HANSEN and CRYSTAL HANSEN, KENJI KUMARA, Dr. SARA GOTTFRIED, PAM RAGLAND, DR. BRAD NELSON, LORI SPAGNA and more.

This incredible event starts Tuesday August 20.


Experience Powerful Energy Processes, Activations, Healing Techniques, and Self-Health Strategies That Will Shift Your Life forever!
Learn how to:

  • Purge blocks to enlightened health, wealth, and happiness
  • Tap into your true intuitive gifts and healing potential
  • Use crystals to help manifest your goals, desires, dreams and better health.
  • Consciously experience the fullest expression of eternal peace
  • Awaken your passion and infinite potential
  • Create better health by nutritionally honoring your body

Plus, this season Cindy is doing a special segment on tapping into the Conscious Evolution of the Divine Feminine.

And there’s so much more…


When you register, you will receive the Conscious Evolution Jumpstart Kit.ELT_CE_Workbook_Cover-793x1024 This is a $457 value and it’s yours absolutely FREE.

This series builds upon YOUR POWER to manifest the life you want through CLEAR INTENTION with every call—and with the support of community.


Cindy also has something she calls ENERGY INFUSED MONDAYS. Before each call on Monday, Cindy shares a Global Energy Infusion. Then she has a conversation with a Rising Super Star (you’ll have to check out Energized Living Today to find out more about this!) in the world of transformation!

Register and get FREE Access to this amazing network of transformational leaders, teachers and thought leaders along with all of the wonderful BONUS gifts.

Like me, Cindy Kubica is truly committed to helping you transform your life to a new level of consciousness and I’m honor to be a part of her extraordinary event.

suzannakennedyYou can hear me on Sept. 10. See you there!

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