Global Meditation for Peace and Harmony

By December 28, 2013 Training 3 Comments

Global Meditation for Peace and Harmony

When I asked Mother Earth what the best gift I could give you and that we could give the world, She said,  “Harmonize Duality”.

Right, left, light, dark, right, wrong, good and evil. The Illusion of Separation is being played out in the most outrageously dramatic ways on the world stage so humanity can become aware of its absurdity and futility.

It’s time to transcend duality and
Integrate polarity once and for all!

Einstein says we can’t find a solution 
in the same consciousness that created the problem.

Join me as we co-create Harmony and Peace for 2014

We can live in peace together, honoring and
Celebrating unity in diversity

 This is a replay of my last show with the New World Puja Network
Christmas Day , 2013


  • victoria says:

    Soooo Beautiful! Best meditation I’ve experienced so far. feeling my consciousness expands with so much love and compassion for all! much inspired to do this meditation everyday! much gratitude Suzanna

  • Susan says:

    I’m sitting here afterwards: stunned with awe, in deep humility and an expanded consciousness that does not know itself, yet is perfectly at home in the All, Everywhere, at all times. I am very grateful, Suzanna, for the gift that you are and that you have made available to everyone in this amazing, all-encompassing ‘Universal love-boat’ of a meditation. I now see everyone as a being of Light and Love, at least in my mind’s eye (and not just in theory), and I hope to make it real and keep growing that truth from now on. Just imagining everyone in their own sphere of compassion made that shift for me and what followed in the meditation only increased and made more eal the underlying truth behind form. Thank you so much!! <3 <3 <3

  • Louis says:

    Before learning about Suzanna’s meditation programs, I had only done a few meditations in my life. This one stands out as the most beautiful and powerful one I’ve done thus far. Suzanna, I’m happy to have found you. Thank you.

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