Reality Crafting Institute


Graceful evolution of human consciousness and joyful co-creation of Paradise on Earth


Collaborating with aligned partners committed to a graceful transformation to a heart-centered, soul-aligned, unity conscious society.

Our Contribution

Being visionaries and architects of the new emerging reality, we are in a unique position to guide individuals and groups through the transformation of consciousness that is taking place.

We offer a grounded, systematic approach to moving through an accelerated change process with grace and ease. With aligned partners, we co-create customized transformational media, training, coaching, on-going support.

Our Collaborative Partners

Innovative, courageous, pioneers, visionary leaders, conscious capitalists, social entrepreneurs who want to prepare their members for optimum functioning in the emerging heart-based, unity conscious society and transform the world through conscious business and transformational media.

Reality Crafting Institute Technology™

Quick, easy, graceful:

  • Detoxification of separation consciousness
  • Detoxification of emotional pain and mental constriction
  • Installation of body/heart/mind/soul connection
  • Self-Identity Upgrade and empowerment
  • Soul purpose alignment and activation
  • Connection, activation, integration of multi-dimensional skills

Current programs available for public access:

  • Emotional~Mental Detox™
  • Divine Human Upgrades™
  • LoveUp: Relationship Detox and Upgrade™



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